Tests / Premises Architecture

Our engineers survey the premises where the intended screen installation is agreed.

The broadband speed check is taken to estimate the line speed, however the actual speed is likely to fluctuate as influencing factors like network usage at any one time can vary the established speed. Should the line speed not be within our standard requirements we at Local Business Link will decide on the outcome and our decision will be final.


Servicing Community TV / Installations

Our engineer installs our network equipment on agreed sites free of any charge. Costs may be charged if subsequent visits are required, if installation cannot proceed or having to reschedule additional visits to a premises.

Installation will not proceed where broadband has not got the standard needs that are required. Our office has the right to withdraw either temporarily or opt for new premises in the immediate area.

Should there be any disruption of service, it’s paramount that our company is notified immediately by calling 086 0559554.

If a premises for some reason decides to discontinue CommunityTV on their holdings, they are required to give a six months notice both verbally and in writing to Local Business Link of their intentions.


Installations on leased Premises

The licensee must get the necessary permission from the landlord as our installers will require installing mounts and brackets with additional cabling for the screens.

Permission is given to Local Business Link employees to carry out their work and absolve of any structural changes for presentation purposes.


Cancellation of Subscription

Should you end your contract with Local Business Link:

  • all web presence will be discontinued
  • Google presence including your listing will cease
  • your SEO, your Google + and web page/website will be deleted

** PLEASE NOTE Customers that fail on 3 consecutive montly payments are automatically disqualified from the CommunityTV Digital Network service permanently.


There is a reconnection fee of €175.

If you wish to be reinstated all backpayments due must be prepaid before your business goes live again.

This entails re establishing your business site/ website, your direct debit, your Google presence etc etc….


These terms and conditions can be changed at any time and without notice.


Website Design Terms & Conditions


The Following is owned 100% by the client

  • Any text or images either supplied by the client or paid for as agreed in the project scope

What is NOT owned by the client

  • Any theme bought for the website as these themes are supplied with a licence that can only be used by the Website Developer at
  • Any plugins bought for the website as these plugins are supplied with a licence that can only be used by the the Website Developer at


For this reason Clients are not allowed into the Admin part of a website to ensure the Theme or Plugins cannot be downloaded.


Our National Business Partners